Are you looking for fun,
knowledgeable and engaging team building activity for your company?
Être Bon Gallery & Academy offers Coffee Appreciation Workshop and Fun Barista Workshop.

Corporate Team Building


Coffee Appreciation

Discover the journey of coffee from unassuming coffee bean, cultivated from various places around  the world to the final cup of coffee. Our professional staff will share the crop to cup journey of coffee  to stir your senses and minds to the wonderful and diverse world of coffee.

Group Size:    Up to 20 participants

1. Fun Facts about Coffee

  • Coffee History
  • Types of Coffee and their botany
  • Coffee Growing Regions

2. Brewing Coffee at Home

  • Fundamentals of Brewing Perfect Coffee
  • Types of Home Coffee Machines
    (Drip, French Press, Espresso Machine)

3. The Art of Coffee Tasting

  • Steps to tasting coffee
    (Smell, Slurp, Taste and Identified)
  • How to describe coffee
    (Aroma, Flavour, Body, and Acidity)

4. Coffee Tasting and Food Pairing

  • Tasting of 1 Bold and 1 Light Coffee with food pairing


Have fun pulling your own espresso shot, frothing and texturing the milk for your coffee, and bringing out the artist

in you with your own twist to your latte art! Our fun barista workshop is tailored for those who would like to have

fun engaging with their java fix, and to be empowered by a new skill.

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