Coffee Journey Tour

Behind every cup of coffee lies a stirring story.

Discover the journey of coffee from an unassuming coffee bean, cultivated from various places around the world to the final cup coffee. Immerse yourself in history as you embark on a tour that begins with a garden visit highlighting the characteristics of your favourite Robusta or Arabica coffee species.

Our professional staff will share the crop to cup journey of coffee to stir your senses and minds to the wonderful and diverse world of coffee.


Fee: SGD$45.00 per person

Duration: 2 hours

Group Size: Up to 10 participants

(Minimum 6 participants to commence the tour)


Tour Outline

  • Introduction to Boncafe and its history
  • Introduction to Coffee
  • Coffee Roasting Basics
  • Common Coffee Brewing Methods
  • Coffee Tasting
  • Personalised Barista-prepared beverage


Terms and Conditions

  • Tour will be organised on a minimum of 6 participants and maximum 10.
  • Dates for tours are subject to availability.
  • No refund of fee will be entertained in the event of no-show or cancellation in less than 24 hours.
  • All stated pricing and/or tour content are subject to change without prior notice.




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